Welcome to Cannons Rv Repair Salmon Creek, Washington! Cannons Rv has been providing Rv services to the Salmon Creek, WA area since 1997. Cannons Rv was the first Mobile Repair company to provide Mobile Repair services In the Salmon Creek Washington Area.

One thing we all could use more of is time, Cannons Rv Repair would like to save you some time. Here is how we can do that. We will show up at your Rv’s Location and perform all service and repair needed, If it needs parts we can sometimes source parts the same day or have them in stock. if we have to order parts there is normally a short wait time. Our goal is to get your Recreational vehicle repaired faster then any shop in the area can so you can get back on the road and enjoying those Rv adventures. Come find out what an Rv Repair experience should be like.

Why choose us? Well have you ever taken your Rv to the Shop? It can take up alot of time sometimes even an entire day just to get the rv to the shop. At Cannons Rv you don’t need to waste an entire day and wait 6 months to get your rv back. We will show up at your Rv’s location and perform the Repair onsite. No need to hook up and travel to the shop anymore. We also strive to get your Repair finished as soon as possible.

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Rv Furnace Repair

Rv Water Heater Repair

Rv Refrigerator Repair

Rv Electrical Repair

Rv Slid-eout Repair

Rv Entry Step Repair

Rv Plumbing Repair

Rv Pre Purchase Inspection

Rv Winterization

Rv Roof Vent Repair

Rv Roof Repair

Rv Roof Reseal

Rv Toilet Repair

Rv Accessories

Rv Detailing

Locations We Service

Vancouver, Washington
Washougal, Washington
Camas, Washington
Battle Ground, Washington
Ridgefield, Washington
Longview, Washington
Kelso, Washington
Portland, Oregon