Rv Roof Repair And Resealing Experts


We Reseal All Rv And Travel Trailer’s As Well As Fifth Wheel’s

Pricing is Dependent on how many Accessories your Rv has And the Cost of materials. One thing is for sure we do not Overcharge for the Job We Do.
When we are done we provide before and after picture’s for each and every Job We Do to the customer. give us a call let us know the size of your Rv and we can give you an estimate over the phone.

The Temperature that the sealant needs to be at when it is applied should be well above 65 degree’s, this assures us that the sealant is going to cure and bond to the surface. anybody who applies sealant outdoors in less than 65 degrees is well just asking for trouble.

We stand behind every Reseal job we do. most shops only give you a 30 to 90-day warranty we give you a full year. On Average Most, Rv Roof Reseals can last about 5 year’s We Have Customers coming into our Shop That We Resealed back in 2004

We have been Resealing and Replacing Rv Roofs Since 1997 Two Generations of Knowledge combined. Call to schedule a free Rv Roof Reseal Estimate Or Replacement Estimate.

Insurance Jobs Welcome. We will deal with your insurance company directly.

Is my Rv Roof Covered under my insurance?

To answe rthis question can be difficult but the easiest way to find out is to call your insurance and explain to them how the roof was damaged and they will determine if you are covered.

Temperature Controlled shop

When Resealing the roof of an Rv the temperature needs to be regulated so it can cure properly in order for it to last and protect the rv from leaking again. Most shops just put sealant on regardless of the temprature. At Cannons Rv We will set the temp accordingly before we lay any sealant down.

Rv Roof Reseal Prep Work

Prepping your Rv to be resealed can take alot of time, It begins with preparing the surface area of the roof to make sure it will make a long lasting bond. We do this by cleaning the surface area with a wax and grease remover before we apply any sealant down on the surface of the roof. This is the number one thing alot of shops skip after removing your old sealant it is neccessary to clean off all the dirt and wax build up to provide a bond between the rubber epdm and the 501-LSW.

How Long Will It Take?

On average we will have your rv for one to two days during this process. We will not be able to release it back to you until it is fully cured even if it means us losing a day of labor we would rather do that then risk your roof not curing properly. When it pulls out of our shop it will be ready for its first rain storm and be guranteed by our 12 month warranty. most shops offer 30 days not us. We hope we can earn your business and trust and look forward to meeting you. 360-851-9636